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Brookson One umbrella company

Having had my first experience with an umbrella company, I can only say I am not impressed with my first choice, Brookson. I am now on my eleventh week with Brookson, as an “employee” with an employment contract, weekly pay … Continue reading

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AIX IRC channel moving home

Due to the spat over on Freenode, ##aix has (at least for now) setup camp on Libera IRC network. Please join us! Freenode spat here:

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Org-mode plan for IBM ESS upgrade

I was convinced to start using Emacs Org-mode back in January, and have not regretted it. Still learning, and there is much to learn, but I have the basics down. As I manage some IBM Spectrum Scale (ESS) GPFS clusters, … Continue reading

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NDB – Network Block Device setup

I have been trying to setup NBD to present a shared storage device for me to play around with Xen live mobility. NBD is not tricky, but the documentation, both official and Google, is flawed and confusing. To get a … Continue reading

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NIM alt_disk_migration and p6 processor mode

I was trying to do a NIM alt_disk_migration on a POWER7 LPAR form AIX 7.1 to 7.2 but the nimadm scripts kept stalling, but without outputting anything interesting, even in debug mode. In the end I gave up and tried … Continue reading

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Updating fileset in lpp_source on NIM

If you update your NIM server to a new TL level and you do alt_disk migrations from this NIM server on client servers on lower levels, you need to update the bos.alt_disk.boot_images fileset in both the LPP sources and SPOTs … Continue reading

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Only shadow left after exiting sketch in SolidWorks

After upgrading SolidWorks to 2020/21, leaving a sketch left only the shadow on the ground. Hovering the mouse would still show plane outlines in orange though. It turned out to be caused by a graphics performance setting. Disable “Enhanced graphics … Continue reading

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X11 Forwarding problems

Trying to debug and simultaneously trawling Google for a non-trivial version of this issue: $ xclockX11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.X connection to localhost:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown). I finally cracked it. This was from the outset … Continue reading

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When you “can’t” delete a user in MacOS

Or “How to get rid of the first user ever created”, this is about getting dscl error 14120 when trying to delete a user. I bought a second hand Mac mini which came re-installed but with a user called “User”. … Continue reading

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Update Windows System Partition to point to new install

I cloned an SSD disk to a bigger disk using EaseUS Todo Backup, not realising I really needed their Partition Master software. All their software is pretty awesome by the way. When I tried to boot from the cloned disk, … Continue reading

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