Update Windows System Partition to point to new install

I cloned an SSD disk to a bigger disk using EaseUS Todo Backup, not realising I really needed their Partition Master software. All their software is pretty awesome by the way.

When I tried to boot from the cloned disk, it kept booting Windows on the old disk, a bit like when the LILO/GRUB points to an installation on a different disk.

I started looking in to the Windows world of booting, which uses a 100MB UEFI System Partition at the beginning of the disk to hold boot information. It can even be used for a dual-booting menu for different Windows versions.

To fix my problem, however, I needed to update the cloned system partition to point to the new cloned disk rather than the old one. Here’s how simple it is:

c:\> bcdboot B:\Windows /s E:

B: being your clone Windows SystemRoot and E: being the cloned system partition you want to update. B: and E: obviously varies. You can optionally add /f <firmware type> but I don’t think it matters if you are on the same system the disk will be used in.

The man page for this command can be found below.


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