About me

I am an AIX administrator with 20 years of experience ranging from a small software company to enterprise businesses running critical 24×7 systems using the largest IBM servers available. I have extensive knowledge of IBM hardware and IBM’s technologies, micro-partitioning and virtual I/O and knowledge of a range of other Unix systems including Solaris and Linux. I have worked with TSM backup systems, SAN and storage systems such as the ESS, NIM servers and clusters as well. I am AIX 5.1 CATE certified which is IBM’s highest certification level.

I work happily in both teams and on my own. I am quick to pick up the procedures and technologies of the team I join but can also help develop processes where needed. Regardless of the roll I always work hard on root cause analysis to prevent recurring problems which in the end result in a stable and efficient environment for my client.

I have a significant amount of experience outside work, including but not limited to 22 years of Linux experience, MySQL, Apache, WordPress, Mail, DNS, networking and firewalls. This is all detailed after the chronological list of jobs held.

Please see my CV for a detailed description of experience.