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When you “can’t” delete a user in MacOS

Or “How to get rid of the first user ever created”, this is about getting dscl error 14120 when trying to delete a user. I bought a second hand Mac mini which came re-installed but with a user called “User”. … Continue reading

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Update Windows System Partition to point to new install

I cloned an SSD disk to a bigger disk using EaseUS Todo Backup, not realising I really needed their Partition Master software. All their software is pretty awesome by the way. When I tried to boot from the cloned disk, … Continue reading

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VI changing to lowercase

I don’t know why I can never remember this one, but here it is for reference: :%s/.*/\L& .* = Match line& = What was matched No need for /g as .* already matches the line, and .* if faster than … Continue reading

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